Hazelnut Harvest Experience @ Banks Road Farm

Hazelnut Harvest Experience @ Banks Road Farm

Join Banks Road Farms for a delightful day at the Hazelnut Harvest Experience! Get ready to be immersed in the world of hazelnuts at the farm at 39654 NW Banks Rd. This in-person event offers a unique opportunity to learn all about hazelnuts, from their cultivation to their delicious flavors. Discover the secrets behind hazelnut farming and take part in interactive activities that will leave guests craving for more. Whether a hazelnut enthusiast or just curious, this event is a must-attend. Don’t miss out on this unique Oregon adventure!

Tickets: $30

October 1 – October 22

Friday: 4pm – 6pm

Saturday-Sunday: 10am-12pm; 1pm – 3pm; 4pm-6pm

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October 6, 2023 to October 8, 2023


All Day