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Alpaca Farms



Alpaca Farms

Enjoy a Day in the Tualatin Valley Countryside

Within minutes, you are transported from the urban centers to the wide-open countryside, where farms abound. A visit to Tualatin Valley’s livestock farms provide a unique getaway just outside of Portland.  A drive through the scenic agricultural areas of this part of Oregon will give you a great show of cows, horses, sheep and more, but those furry long-necked guys you see out there aren’t llamas — they’re alpacas!

Alpacas area a relative of the llama, but smaller and with a shorter face and smaller ears. Alpacas are bred for their hair mainly, and the fiber is much finer than a llama’s and is softer and warmer than sheep’s wool. Oregon’s Tualatin Valley is home to several alpaca farms, with many providing opportunities to get up close to these friendly animals.

Shop Alpaca Products 

Head to Alpacas of Oregon in Sherwood to shop for exquisite alpaca products including yarn and items imported from Peru. At the Barn Store, you can get hand-knit scarves, hats, socks, vests, sweaters and even Teddy Bears. You can also take a free tour of the farm, just call ahead to schedule it (503-348-6958) or book on Facebook.

Stoneberg Alpacas Boutique features soft alpaca wool yarn, sweaters, hats, socks, shawls and other alpaca wool products. Situated on an alpaca farm, stop by, pet an alpaca and peruse this unique boutique.

Alpaca Farm Getaway 

In the heart of Tualatin Valley’s farmlands you’ll find a quaint farm-stay at Alpaca Farm & Gardens. This unique experience allows you to stroll through gardens and hand-feed alpacas at one of the United States’ first alpaca ranches. There are five accommodations, from a cozy studio to a three-bedroom option. Book a stay >>> 

Please note: While some family farms welcome visitors, many farms throughout Tualatin Valley are not open to visitors. Face coverings are now required in all public buildings and outdoor spaces where you can not maintain physical distancing from people outside your household

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Alpaca Farms

Alpacas of Oregon is an award-winning, full-service alpaca farm in the heart of Oregon’s wine country and offers complimentary tours. The Barn Store features exquisite alpaca products, yarn, fiber, hand-knit items and imported alpaca products. Open by appointment.

Home to one of the first alpaca ranches in the United States, Northwest Alpacas, this alpaca farm and garden also features the Quechua Benefit shop, with an impressive collection of alpaca blankets, clothing and highland crafts. Open by appointment.

Stoneberg Alpacas Boutique features soft alpaca wool yarn, sweaters, hats, socks, shawls and other alpaca wool products.

Scenic Rides in the Countryside

The 60-mile Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route is the best way to see the countryside and to enjoy Tualatin Valley's variety of farms and nurseries.

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